Costa Rica wildlife

How to see more wildlife ?


Be quiet – Whisper and step lightly. Most animals can hear you long before you arrive.Be observant – The forest’s dim light and thick vegetation make it difficult to tell the forest from the natural camouflage of animals in the trees.Listen closely – Chances are that faint rustling of leaf litter is not a breeze.Stay together in your group – Small groups are less likely to scare away animals. If you spread out, you’ll make more noise over a great distance. Plus, you’re more likely to see more by staying close to your guide, who’s an expert at spotting wildlife.Wear subdued colors – Khakis, greens and browns are less visible to animals, and less likely to scare them than bright colors.Avoid perfumes and aftershave – Animals shy away from unfamiliar smells.

Catch the sunrise – Birds and monkeys are more active around dawn.